About us

Military by training, the founder and main trainer at Formations Laissi served 9 years in the French army, including 3 years seconded as a peacekeeper in Côte d'Ivoire where he was responsible for first aid.

Having carried out several missions for the French army in war and conflict zones, the founder acquired a solid training in emergency medicine.

Trainer since 2008, the founder acquired his skills first in France, where he was approved by the SST (National Organization for Training in Health and Safety at Work in France), then in Quebec, by the Heart Disease Foundation and of stroke. He was then trained by ASSTSAS in 2018 to be able to offer the PDSB course intended for beneficiary attendants.

Passionate, generous and dedicated, he will be able to give you confidence and give you the necessary tools, as part of CPR and AED training, to be able to react in emergency situations.


Our services

Our trainers travel for groups of 4 or more in Montreal and Laval. We are specialists in CPR and First Aid for daycare workers and new parents. You can get a complete medical kit from the website or from your trainer. Our instructors undergo continuous training allowing them to offer professional education which takes into account the very latest advances in the field of first aid.


Training equipment

The material used at Formations Laissi is of high quality. It is rigorously inspected for ensure that you get the best possible performance during your practice sessions.